Our Race Video - King Of The Hammers 2013

The most difficult UTV event in the world

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Our Race Video - King Of The Hammers 2013

Postby Ken » Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:15 pm

This is the LONG video.....I know most people won't watch the whole thing......but I edited it from 4 hours down to 1:43. My favorite part is the mountain top, with the helicopter swirling around....before Jack Hammer after Pit 2. My other favorites...Pit 1...when Brian proclaims the drain plug is gone...and we're done....it was a torn axle boot and just alot of grease.

11:25 - We passed the first UTV down and out. On the radio, I told my Scott...."Well...we won't be last." Sorry who ever you were...that was only a mile or so in.

30:00 - Pit 1...we pull in, and I decided to run the race with Fumoto Drain plugs, and when my crew member, Brian looked...he proclaimed it was "GONE"...(it wasn't). The boot on my axle had torn, and it was grease all over. Then he set the GoPro to film it...and a kid from another crew...took it. When Brian went to look for it...the kid said..."oh..I thought it was mine"...Brian said...did you turn you GoPro on? no...did you set it on the truck to record the pit stop? uh..no. Then it's not yours..it's mine. He wasn't mad....it was just funny.

39:44 - Aftershock filmed by my crew and our Pit 2 stop, where we find out we're in 4th overall at this point.

54:00 - when the KOH Helicopter filmed us for a while.

1:00 - where stopped to change a flat tire...in 6 minutes...out and back in.

1:06 - Jack Hammer

1:20 - Chocolate Thunder

and 1:32...We ran into an EMC rig in Wrecking Ball. And THIS VIDEO is a perfect example of a typical EMC rig blocking a UTV. Painful to watch...so i sped it up. LOL. Since he was over..we asked to toss our winch on...they said...then after we tug over it....the driver drives away with our cable still ON!!! And it flips around the bumper, hooks the fuel line and pulls it out. DOH! 8 minute later it was fixed...but our batteries ran out. Shortly after we rolled...got it back up...wish I had that on video.

The last words spoken before a YouTube video is filmed: "Hold my beer, now watch this..."

Ken Hower
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