Keepin' it in the family - trailer tires

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Keepin' it in the family - trailer tires

Postby hemingray » Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:15 am

Not much talk here about trailer tires. Having gone to a side by side and doubling what I used to regularly carry on the trailer, my 9 year old Goodyear Marathons were in the age bracket that says - replace me. Generally, travel trailers recommend replacement at 7 years. A blowout could be catastrophic. It was an easy choice - and one of the Marathons lives on as the spare, to be used only at a slower speed should that be necessary to use.

So, what I found in reading that the Marathons were no longer the automatic choice - there have been some quality issues in recent years it seems, as I read anecdotal evidence on the 'net from travel trailer owners (who admittedly put more stress on tires than powersports trailers.

My choice? Keeping in the family with the Bighorns - I opted for the Maxxis M8008 ST. So far I really like these tires. They have a good reputation and I like the tread pattern a little better than the Marathons because it looks a little more off-roady. I usually don't go far off the paved path but roads like Meadow Lake made me wish for a deeper more aggressive tread. They handle well, as good as the Marathons anyway. No sliding in turns and no wandering or slewing. They are special order, but came quickly to the America's Tire store. My only complaint with them is getting them mounted and balanced with 10 lbs in one tire and 50 in the other, but I check my own pressure anyway.


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