RZR XP Cage Build - March 3, 2012
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01. The stock cage is ready to go!.jpg
02. With the lock and ride..jpg
03. All cut up on the floor...she's done!.jpg
04. A blank canvas..jpg
05. All the parts I needed to buy..jpg
06. The first bends. Now the hard part..make two of them!!.jpg
07. She has a shape..jpg
08. Side view early on..jpg
09. V bend to match the rear line...Beautiful..jpg
10. The back is starting to shape up..jpg
11. Rear side view..jpg
12. 'Eye' rings to match the lens lines..jpg
13. Closer view.  Yeti and Box to make sure they can go in and out when done..jpg
14. Making the rear bars..jpg
15. One side done..jpg

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