In Memory of Chadd Burroughs - 1980 - 2010
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01. Chadd!.jpg
02. Nice rainbow license Homo!.jpg
03. Chadd brings a toy from the shop..jpg
04. Chad tells Bill...ditch the RZR, go for the Renegade..jpg
05. Chadd and Mr. Bill find Terry..jpg
06. Chadd powers the customers quad up the first rock slab..jpg
07. Meanwhile Chadd starts the decent to Fordyce Creek..jpg
08. Chadd Picks his line..jpg
09. and sails right through that section..jpg
10. Chadd works on a sled before the drags..jpg
11. Chadd helps look for my shoe after the accident..jpg
12. Mr. Bill and Chadd..jpg
13. Chadd feels froggy and thinks it's passable....OK..jpg
14. Getting a little bit deeper Chadd realizes......jpg
15. The water is actually pushing him downstream..jpg

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