Foresthill - November 25, 2007
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01. Leaving Kendo's house for Foresthill..jpg
02. Nick's stepson, Kyle on his first ride..jpg
03. Kendo gives Kyle instructions...This is the gas..jpg
04. And this is the brake..jpg
05. Ok...let's go..jpg
06. After Kendo releases some fluid before it overflows..jpg
07. The new Bighorns and ITP SS rims on the Kendo machine..jpg
08. What a motley crew..Kyle, Wendy, Nick, Kendo and Ken..jpg
09. Wendy stopped after Kendo got us
10. Kyle and Bling Nick..jpg
11. YES! I have successfully found a DEAD END!.jpg
12. Wendy making doughnuts in the mud..jpg
13. Sweet..jpg
14. Whoa girl..don't pull a Nick!.jpg
15. 'I don't know..which way do you want to go.'.jpg

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