Greenhorn - January 26, 2008
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01. Ken, Scott, Lori and Kendo..jpg
02. Yes, Kendo puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like us..jpg
03. Riding the beach..jpg
04. And haulin' ass..jpg
05. Water time for Kendo..jpg
06. Water time for Scott..jpg
07. And the result of water time for Kendo..jpg
08. Cool pinch point..jpg
09. Scott washing his tires..jpg
10. All you all..jpg
11. These 2 young guys were just out picking up trash...Good on you!.jpg
12. Scott after doing the doughnut tree..jpg
13. Lori's quad does some sputtering in the water..jpg
14. After I climb the big hill..Kendo checks it out..jpg
15. And decides to go..jpg

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