Mammoth OHV - July 27, 2008
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01.Middle Fork of the American River.JPG
02.Charging up the hill.JPG
04.Wendy on Blue Thunder.JPG
05.Psycho Loppy on the Six Fiddy.JPG
06.Ken on the 800 Poo.JPG
07.Loppy on Ken's 800.JPG
08.Super Dave.JPG
09.OK, WTF are we, this GPS thing is HARD....JPG
10.Oh, we GOTTA run this trail......JPG
11.Hardest part of the whole trail, the beginning.JPG
12.Nice view from the top though.JPG
13.Quarry over by Cool.JPG
14.Muddy Princess (Scott T.).JPG
15.The princess' carriage.JPG

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