2nd Annual Mr. Miyagi Memorial - Day 2 - September 15, 2007
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001. Day 2! Dave, aka Fishahalic is ready to roll..JPG
002. In August, I ran into this big boy blocking a USFS road. So I contacted them and they asked if we would remove it..jpg
003. We arrive to perform surgery..JPG
004. Lori applies sunscreen to Ken...No comments.jpg
005. Ok...the top is done..jpg
006. Dave, Ken, Kendo and Nick size up the beast..jpg
007. Kendo brought the BIG saw..jpg
008. So Kendo gets to play Lumberjack..jpg
009. Someone likes the chainsaw..jpg
010. Was it good for you..jpg
011. Wayne takin' a picture of Lori riding the log..jpg
012. I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK!..jpg
013. Almost through section 1..jpg
014. On Sunday's I go shopping..jpg
015. Kendo makes a clean cut to make room to roll it..jpg

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