3rd Annual Mr. Miyagi Memorial - Day 1 - September 12, 2008
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01. Photos Courtesy of Larry....Dusty is an OXYMORON..jpg
02. At Meadow Lake, Derrick, Wayne, Carrie, Loren, Tim and Jake..jpg
03. Jeff takes the easy line down Winch Hill 5..jpg
04. Loren goes Terry style, Gas On!.jpg
05. Dusty shows off the size of the rocks..jpg
06. The rest of the group picks their line down Winch Hill 4..jpg
07. Jake gets a taste of real rock crawling..jpg
08. Jeff picks a bad line, as the rocks eat his Kodiak..jpg
09. Tim is wondering, what am I doing here!.jpg
10. Jake eyes the plunge with Jeff on hand..jpg
11. This was Carrie's idea...and she's having fun..jpg
12. Jake gets an assist from Loren and Jeff..jpg
13. So does Carrie..jpg
14. Larry prepares for Winch Hill 3..jpg
15. Dusty's turn..jpg

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