3rd Annual Mr. Miyagi Memorial - Day 2 - September 13, 2008
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01. Lori and Carrie chat on Saturday morning..jpg
02. AJ, aka Roon101..jpg
03. Dave, aka AvgJoe..jpg
04. Kendo, aka the Frito Bandito..jpg
05. Dave, Hemingray pulled up as I was setting up..jpg
06. 15 riders celebrate Terry with a long ride to Washington..jpg
07. A rider haulin' booty..jpg
08. Jake gives the stamp of approval..jpg
09. Waiting at the Junction of Meadow Lake and Bowman Road..jpg
10. Tim says hi..jpg
11. It's getting hot for AJ..jpg
12. Dust..the order of the day..jpg
13. A break on Pinoli Ridge..jpg
14. Great views of Bowman..jpg
15. And beyond..jpg

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