5th Annual Mr. Miyagi Memorial - September 17-19, 2010
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01. At Meadow Lake turn off, I pick up a hitchhiker..jpg
02. Says his name is Mini Mike, and knows the way..jpg
03. He helped around camp, splitting wood..jpg
04. Lori greets Mr. Bill..jpg
05. Mini Mike settles in with a beer in front of the fire..jpg
06. Then lends a hand with the tri-tip..jpg
07. Next morning we get ready for our ride to Washington..jpg
08. Dan and his new RZR with Mike...and AJ..jpg
09. Avg Joe...aka Dave shows up on 2 wheels..jpg
10. Our first break..jpg
11. AJ has seen enough..jpg
12. Group photo for Terry and Chadd..jpg
13. We love you guys!.jpg
14. At Washington Hotel for lunch..jpg
15. Mr. Bill screaming up the road from Washington..jpg

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