6th Annual Mr. Miyagi Memorial - September 09-11, 2011
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01. Started off bad...Hitch lock broke!.jpg
02. Jack and I hit Fordyce on Friday..jpg
03. Mike arrived..jpg
04. Brian arrived..jpg
05. Mini-Mike arrived and immediately started drinking..jpg
06. Mingling at camp..jpg
07. Jack and Mike shoot the shit..jpg
08. Beautiful day at camp..jpg
09. My turn..Meadow Lake was busting with flowers in Sept!.jpg
10. Chuck says he's number 2..jpg
11. Say it ain't so Joe..jpg
12. The big man arrives..Dave..aka Sasquatch..jpg
13. Saturday, Dave is ready!.jpg
14. Jack is ready for the Dust..jpg
15. Ken is the RZR bandit..jpg

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