Tonopah - Tybo - April 26, 2008
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001. Kenan is ready to roll..jpg
002. Kendo's junk in the lot..jpg
003. Kenan pets Brett's dog, Carter..jpg
004. Kendo relaxes in the famous Clown Motel..jpg
005. The young bucks, Brett and Scott..jpg
006. Brett, aka NorcalBMXer and Carter..jpg
007. Ok...let's roll..jpg
008. Monica is ready for her first ride..jpg
009. Kenan on his first ride on the Hawkeye..jpg
010. Lori on her first ride since Greenhorn..jpg
011. Scott and Brett unload their gear..jpg
012. Typical desert unload..jpg
013. Ok..let's..jpg
014. GO!.jpg
015. Kendo plays with his new Triton GPS..jpg

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