Fordyce Trail - October 03, 2007
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001. Larry and Eric, aka GrizzlyGuy meet for the 1st time..jpg
002. Hurry up Larry...we're waiting..jpg
003. Grizzlyguy...aka Eric..jpg
004. Larry, Eric and Ken..jpg
005. Eric is ready to tackle the Fordyce for the 1st time..jpg
006. Destination, Fordyce Lake in the distance..jpg
007. Eric is officially...ROCK CRAWLING!.jpg
008. we got a poser!.jpg
009. You can see me leaning to shoot..jpg
010. Now he's concentrating..jpg
011. Now he's REALLY concentrating!.jpg
012. still got 3 on the ground..jpg
013. Watch the leg, dude..jpg
014. Larry helps him figure out a better line..jpg
015. Now you got it..jpg

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