Fordyce Trail - October 03, 2007
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016. That's the coolest, nervous smile I've ever seen..jpg
017. Ken's turn..jpg
018. A little turn..jpg
019. Eric is thinking..How'd you do that so fast..jpg
020. Larry and Eric riding down to the river..jpg
021. Eric wants to see me go down the hard part where they took the I do..jpg
022. Okay..this is how you do it..jpg
023. Ass back...Ok, no jokes..jpg
024. Line it up..jpg
025. Tie on a line, just to be safe..jpg
026. Get your tires, exactly where you want them..jpg
027. Notice the right front, will hit that small step..jpg
028. Just exactly where I want it...lean back..jpg
029. Photo op..jpg
030. Weave at the bottom..jpg

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