Fordyce Trail - October 03, 2007
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031. And that's it!.jpg
032. Larry starts playing around...figuring out how to cross..jpg
033. Dude...right turn..jpg
034. There's a funny video on the site here..jpg
035. He's it's Eric's turn..jpg
036. Eric's gotta what...jpg
037. Change his shoes!.jpg
038. That's an ATVOBSESSION first..jpg
039. From this angle..the line is SO OBVIOUS!.jpg
040. Left side, Fordyce...right side Committee trail..jpg
041. Let's get this show on the road..jpg
042. Eric gets a hook, just feel safe..jpg
043. Larry shot from the front..jpg
044. Me from the back, Ok..hit it Starsky..jpg
045. Ken's turn..jpg

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