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ATV Obsession Links
This is Jack's favorite site. Ok, it's our favorite too, but if you can talk to Jack about some gizmo without him mentioning Montana Jacks for more than 5 minutes...then you've set a record.

Need snatch block? Cable Extension? Wiring kit? Light accessory? They have the best tie straps.

Pett Systems and supplies.
Part of Roundeyes.com. Bruce is local and a huge supporter of Rubicon Trail Patrol

Great prices on ITP Tires and wheels. Glen is the man.

Great place to find Polaris parts.

Adrenaline Powersports. Polaris Dealer near Sacramento. Bill running the show.

Pure Polaris

Nice pre-fitted armor...and they used my video!

ATV Connection. Pretty good message forum.

Known for suspension mods

The best tire plug kits on the market...bar none.

Band of Scott Travis and Jeff Martin

Scott Travis's other band.