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Welcome to our video page.

On February 3, 2005 I have reduced the size of ALL the videos. Most downloads now are under 1 meg. Just a handful are over 2 megs. All of these clips prior to 6/26/2004 were shot with my Canon Powershot S400. It died that weekend, so I got a Canon Powershot A75 and a longer warranty!.

Since 2007, I've been using the Olympus Stylus 10 megapixel camera. It's waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant. It's lasted longer than ANY OTHER CAMERA that I have owned by DOUBLE! (and still going).

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Jack, Scott, Ryan and I on Kane Creek Canyon Trail in 2010.
Jack, Scott, Ryan and I on Helldorado in 2010!
01/31/2010 Click Here
Ken entering the Rubicon on snow tracks.
Scott and Ken on tracks in snow.
02/15/2009 Click Here
Kendo and Ken play at China Wall with tracks.
02/06/2009 Click Here
Ken using his new Tracks for the first time on Signal Peak.
01/26/2008 Click Here Scott, Ken and Lori various stuff at Greenhorn
11/02/2007 Click Here Fordyce clip from Winch Hill #1 and #2
11/02/2007 Click Here Dusty...gets advice on where to cross the Fordyce. :)
10/07/2007 Click Here Nick D stares too hard at those bling rims and...well..watch.
10/05/2007 Click Here Crossing the Fordyce...A Tale of 48 hours
10/05/2007 Click Here Ken does a nice wheelie in the snow
10/05/2007 Click Here Jack and Ken rock crawling the snow before the Committee Crossing
10/05/2007 Click Here Jack and Ken heading toward Fordyce Lake in the snow.
10/03/2007 Click Here Larry "rocks" on the Rocks on the Fordyce
09/20/2007 Click Here Larry's Trail Toy...or is it Ken's?
09/20/2007 Click Here Chadd, the Dust Machine
08/25/2007 Click Here Broken A-Arm on Ken's 800 repair...and so much more
07/03/2007 Click Here Area BFE! Video shot by Steve Jackson of Helldorado
05/31/2007 Click Here Miyagi Memorial. Larry (Oldtrucks) rolls on Winch Hill #4. Lucky dude.
05/05/2007 Click Here From the ATVOBSESSION vault.....SNATCHLESS!
02/09/2007 Click Here Mr. Bill...Mud boggin' or Humpin'...you decide.
01/20/2007 Click Here Lori's Jacket! HELP! HELP!
01/20/2007 Click Here ATV Ice Ballet - Testosterone Ballet
01/10/2007 Click Here Jeff Martin on his ATC...3 Wheeler! The end is PRICELESS!
01/10/2007 Click Here Ken and Joe on a 2 day ATV cruise through Meadow Lake and Rubicon.
09/15/2006 Click Here PETA Video. Derrick made a nice video from the Miyagi Memorial.
04/05/2006 Click Here Handheld Snow Cam....with some tilt action.
04/05/2006 Click Here Signal Peak medley with Larry and Dusty.
04/05/2006 Click Here Bill takes a turn....and doesn't roll it.
04/05/2006 Click Here Roll it...Like you stole it baby....
04/05/2006 Click Here Bill and Larry take different approaches. Did we catch a tall tale? You decide.
04/04/2006 Click Here A short medley of clips from the Dusy-Ershim Trail
04/04/2006 Click Here Log Road Traverse...is it the tires? Driver? Or Both?
04/04/2006 Click Here We were told that Chicken Rock was really scary...Hmm.
03/03/2006 Click Here Snow ride...more like Snow Plow.
02/24/2006 Click Here Met these guys, Wyatt and Randy at Prairie City. Ready for Mud!
09/02/2005 Click Here Steve heads down the Snake Lake hill..."Break Stuff Hill".
09/01/2005 Click Here Let's try to Break Stuff.
09/01/2005 Click Here Go Ken700...gas....gas...
09/01/2005 Click Here Dusty's great idea.
09/01/2005 Click Here Hey....I need a video
07/31/2005 Click Here Jack, Scott and Steve cross Fordyce Creek...with lower water.
07/16/2005 Click Here Air Kodet!
06/11/2005 Click Here Whole Gang..outside of Spider Lake
06/11/2005 Click Here Larry High Centered....so much excitement!
06/11/2005 Click Here Ken coming up, just before the slab
06/11/2005 Click Here Larry in the Old Sluice Box
06/11/2005 Click Here Larry at the end of the Old Sluice Box
06/10/2005 Click Here Jack...turn on the light? And Larry, are your pants smooth?
06/10/2005 Click Here Catch A Wave...leaving Wentworth Springs
06/10/2005 Click Here Jack and Lizard
06/04/2005 Click Here Guys on Trail Patrol....Dusty makes his first movie.
06/04/2005 Click Here Feel...the power of HONDA!
05/22/2005 Click Here Logan "races" up through some snow..Dan goes 60's.
02/21/2005 Click Here Trasher Handi-Cam, Terry leaves me and Snatch block...all in one.
12/27/2004 Click Here Me and my kids play on the streets after back2back snow dumps.
12/12/2004 Click Here Dan and Jack play in the snow
12/12/2004 Click Here Another Thrasher handicam shot through frozen water
12/11/2004 Click Here Dan does a FULL PULL breaking trail up a hill at night
12/11/2004 Click Here Ken guns it up the trail
12/11/2004 Click Here Jack is Miss Daisy
12/11/2004 Click Here Jack pussy foots into a frozen puddle...and promptly sinks
12/11/2004 Click Here Dan churns up a hill.
11/07/2004 Click Here Ken does a pirouette heading down to river cross #1 on Fordyce.
09/11/2004 Click Here Cool clip of Dan working the boulders before Crossing #1
09/11/2004 Click Here Ken coming down the same rock section
09/11/2004 Click Here Larry gets some air coming over a boulder section
09/11/2004 Click Here Miren going up a rock section
09/11/2004 Click Here Larry comes up the first part of Winch Hill #1
09/11/2004 Click Here Miren comes up Winch Hill #2
09/11/2004 Click Here Ken crosses Fordyce at Committee crossing..almost Scuba Boy 2
09/05/2004 Click Here Terry does a WHEELIE up Cadillac Hill. Jack, you won't believe it.
09/05/2004 Click Here Dusty "tries" to roll it again.
09/05/2004 Click Here Some rock crawlin' shots
09/05/2004 Click Here Dusty tries to go where a Polaris goes..Notice the wheel spin.
08/07/2004 Click Here Blam! This guy dumps his bike in the Fordyce River. (Fordyce Creek)
08/07/2004 Click Here Ken on tricky spot...Hello Rock! (Fordyce Creek)
08/07/2004 Click Here Jack goes up Winch Hill #1. Cool "walking cam." (Fordyce Creek)
08/07/2004 Click Here Jack winches to keep from flipping over Winch Hill #1 (Fordyce Creek)
08/07/2004 Click Here Ken goes up first part of Winch Hill #1 (Fordyce Creek)
08/07/2004 Click Here Jack goes down this rock section on Signal Peak. (Fordyce Creek)
08/07/2004 Click Here Terry goes down same section (Fordyce Creek)
08/07/2004 Click Here Larry The Cook Boy! (Fordyce Creek)
06/26/2004 Click Here Miren up Winch Hill #4. (Fordyce Creek)
06/26/2004 Click Here Jack going up Winch Hill #4.(Fordyce Creek)
06/26/2004 Click Here Matt (Dan's son) powering over some rocks (Fordyce Creek)
06/26/2004 Click Here Miren over the same rocks.(Fordyce Creek)
06/26/2004 Click Here Ken going down Winch Hill #4.(Fordyce Creek)
06/20/2004 Click Here Terry coming down a rock section. (Fordyce Creek)
06/20/2004 Click Here Terry battling in Winch Hill #4 area. (Fordyce Creek)
06/20/2004 Click Here Terry high centered...what else. (Fordyce Creek)
06/20/2004 Click Here No, no, no, no, no, no, nooo. (Fordyce Creek)
06/20/2004 Click Here Ken going up Winch Hill #5.(Fordyce Creek)
05/15/2004 Click Here Dan shows off his "guns."(Rubicon)
05/15/2004 Click Here Miren rides over some boulders (Rubicon)
05/15/2004 Click Here Terry rolls his quad...and damages the beer. (Rubicon)
05/15/2004 Click Here A Jeep works on the corner in the Big Sluice (Rubicon)
05/15/2004 Click Here Miren powers over a tough section (Rubicon)
05/15/2004 Click Here Larry in the same spot (Rubicon)
05/15/2004 Click Here Larry goes tires deep in water (Rubicon)
05/15/2004 Click Here Larry explains to Jack and I how he "cooks" his food (Rubicon)
05/15/2004 Click Here Terry's Polaris brings wine Vs Dusty's Honda brings wine (Rubicon)
05/15/2004 Click Here Miren gets a custom glass from Terry (Rubicon)
03/27/2004 Click Here You know you're a redneck when.... (Fordyce)
02/15/2004 Click Here Brotherly love...Chad pullin' Dusty (Diggins)
02/15/2004 Click Here Dude...do you have a snatch block? If not GO FASTER! (Diggins)
01/10/2004 Click Here The pecking order is confirmed (Diggins)
01/10/2004 Click Here Jack crawls up to me on the rock hill (Diggins)
01/10/2004 Click Here Scott Travis where have you been?? Princess and Cupcake begins! (Diggins)
01/10/2004 Click Here Mr. Miyagi...in Gas On mode. (Diggins)
01/10/2004 Click Here Staci drives through the mud. (Diggins)
12/30/2003 Click Here Scuz takes the Quad to the streets while it's snowing in Lake Tahoe
12/25/2003 Click Here Miren prepares coffee, then finally notices her ITP 589 tires (Home)
12/14/2003 Click Here Kenan discovers Larry's "special" snowMAN (Bear)
12/14/2003 Click Here Terry (Mr. Miyagi) falls off his Quad going up a steep mud hill (Bear)
12/14/2003 Click Here Miren power out of ditch (Bear Valley)
12/14/2003 Click Here Miren driving Ken's ATV with new ITP 589's (I never got it back) (Bear)
12/14/2003 Click Here Ken goes backward up steep hill showing off new tires (Bear)
11/29/2003 Click Here Ken goes up a large hill with snow (Downieville)
11/29/2003 Click Here Terry breaks the snow trail (Downieville)
11/29/2003 Click Here Jack going up huge set of boulders(4th try) (Downieville)
11/16/2003 Click Here Terry earns the nickname "Mr. Miyagi"...Gas on, Gas off (Fordyce Creek)
11/08/2003 Click Here Dusty over boulder (Check out the Honda "limited slip) (Fordyce Creek)
11/08/2003 Click Here Jack over boulder (Check Polaris Locking diff) (Fordyce Creek)
11/08/2003 Click Here Ken (hand shot) going up Signal Peak (Fordyce Creek)
10/06/2003 Click Here Jack and Larry coming back from Buck Island (Rubicon)
10/06/2003 Click Here Jack, Miren and Larry down Cadillac Hill.
09/05/2003 Click Here Jeff Martin sings the praises of Polaris down Cadillac Hill (Rubicon)