A site based around our obsession.

ATV Obsession is a cast of characters. It only takes one ride, to realize that most of us are a little bit crazy. But one guy in our group, is pretty much insane.

Terry, aka Mr. Miyagi, starts off immediately with a handicap. While Jack gets the nice guest bedroom, Miyagi is forced to sleep in Kenan's bunk bed.

Yeah...keep laughing. As long as Jack is around...you know your never leaving this room. Welcome to your Hotel California, pal.


When he's not sleeping with boys...er in boy's beds. He cross dresses. Apparently, Terry wears implants while he rides. To be honest...he's got really nice breasts.


Sometimes, they can be a bit cumbersome and his weight shifts. This causes him to nearly fall off his Quad.


And though he tries to concentrate


SOMETIMES......it's just too much.....and he falls off.


Miyagi is new to ATV'ing....While riding...I decided to let Terry lead.

So..I stopped..snapped this shot..as Terry takes the con...for the first time...

Terry....forges ahead....

So...it's thick snow...it's hard going....and you're in the lead...with 2 other guys following. What's RULE #1??


It took me a HALF A FREAKING AN HOUR, WINCHING OFF 2 TREES...by MYSELF...Just to get to the point where I stood for that last picture! Every time I look at that picture at FULL RESOLUTION I think of 2 things:
1) F*&$!!! My first word when I walked away from my stuck Quad toward the crest of the hill to look down (expecting to see him stopped).
2) I look at that picture....and it reminds me of the Norelco Shaver ad with Santa riding the shaver head through the snow.


But justice was served. After riding for over 1 MILE!!! I finally found Mr. Miyagi.

Draggin' a winch cable...Eh BITCH? Now you need me.

I'm over it.


Anyway, lucky for Miyagi, he has nice breats....cause it appears he's been left a little short in the other department.


Even Jack walks away in disbelief.

No..Jack..check it out...it's really this small.


But...we all work together. Terry was new to ATV riding, so Jack tried to explain to Terry, "Terry, don't strap your toolbox down...You can open it faster if you use some bolts and washers to bolt it down to the rack."


Unfortunately, Terry is a little anal. So, not only does he bolt it down, he decides that a velcro strap will be a nice touch.

Uh...dude...that defeats the purpose for easy access.


But...after a long ride....nothing like stealing 2 pork chops for home.

Terry "Golum" Miyagi: "ah...precious....my precious Pork Chop."


Despite the falling, the odd customizations, the large breasts and his food fetish...In the end...we love him....and if Jack is having coffee...Miren will be more than happy to watch Terry get his own cup.

Thanks Jack...without you...I'd never get any coffee.


Finally. Let's not forget....Where did Mr. come from??

Gas Man....You need Gas.(Gas on....Gas Off)