A site based around our obsession.

It started off meekly enough. It was a nice summer weekend in 2003 down at the Rubicon Springs with our friends and my 1947 Willys Jeep. My friends, Jack and Larry were there with our family for the weekend. Around 5pm, that all changed.

My Cousin Jim, who I affectionately call "Scuz", has a home in Dollar Point. I didn't realize it, but he had come from Burlingame to Tahoe for the weekend.

A few weeks earlier, my ex-wife and I had kicked around the idea of getting motorcycles, as a family activity. Our philosophy is: Have family activities that our kids will need us when they're teenagers and hate us. (boating, skiing, jeeping, etc). I told my ex-wife, have you thought about ATV's? She said..."I've never driven an ATV before, but I don't think I'll like it."

Boy, was that a lie.

Around 5pm, this ATV pulls right into our camp. Not seeing the riders face, we all wonder..."who just rode into our camp..how rude." Suddenly, the helmet comes off and it's Jim's son Michael, my God Son. A few minutes later, Scuz arrives in his 1942 Jeep. Within 5 minutes of our hellos...My ex-wife says, "hey Scuz, can I ride your ATV?"

The Hower Family mantra is: Figure it out, or die cold and alone.

Jim's instructions to my ex-wife were: Here's the gas, brake and don't kill yourself. I call this moment: "The $50,000 Quad Ride."

That was July 12, 2003. In less than 4 weeks:

2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 Twin
2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 Twin
Custom 3 ATV Trailer
2003 Suzuki 110 motorcyle
2003 Polaris Sportsman 90
2003 Dodge Big Horn Edition 1500 Hemi

$50,000 later....you're knee deep into an Obsession. However, I have to thank my cousin for the Quad ride, despite it's ultimate cost. Imagine, if that ride didn't happen. "Honey...I want to buy 3 ATV's, 2 Motorcycles, a trailer and Dodge Hemi."...."Well...can I?"

I'd say I would have a better chance buying beach front property in Nevada. My buddy Jeff had the perfect quote when I pulled up in front of his house loaded to the gills.

"What momma wants....Momma gets."