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ATV Obsession News Archive - 2004
November 7, 2004
Wheelie Weekend!! Jack, Terry, Dusty and I ran the Fordyce Trail in the snow today. We had some snow and some rock...but one thing stayed true....WHEELIE WHEELIE WHEELIE. Terry, Jack and I all did varying degrees of Wheelies. Look for all the pictures next weekend...I have over 150 photos to sift through this week.

October 18, 2004

Today, I stopped by Adrenaline Powersports to check out the new 2005 Polaris Sportsman 700 EFI. It happened to be the Dale Earnhardt Jr Signature series in Little E Red. Check out my review in the Forum.

September 19, 2004

We went riding last weekend on Sept 11, 2004. Terry and Jack just bought new cameras. You'll find some Jack shots in the new batch. My new camera unfortunately did not survive the trip. You'll see it get drowned in the video of me crossing at the Committee Trail on the Fordyce.

Here's Jack...I came back across to pull him out. His quad was still running, but the river had already pushed him over by almost 5 feet into a boulder. So, instead of trying something and getting in worse shape, he just waited for me to come back across. I started off at least 3 feet to his left...but the water still pushed me into him. I got past, and put a hook and took the shot.

See all the photos on the Photo page...duh.

August 21, 2004
The video page was bothering me. The old videos were on top, and the new videos you had scroll to the bottom. This worked fine with 20 videos, but we now have 56 videos. So it's all re-done with new look and much better sort order.

July 31, 2004
One of our ATV Obsession riders was working this week at Ozzfest. You can check out all the photos HERE or see some of them and some video clips in the Forum

July 29, 2004

The camera is DEAD! Canon called me, and said the damage inside was more extensive than we thought, and the repairs will be more than a new camera. RIP.

I bought a new Canon today...pictures and videos uploaded. Including Skid Plate installation photos. More details soon. Oh...and I bought a 4 year warranty...LOL. Dust and sand are covered...this thing has NO CHANCE of lasting 4 years.

I'm off to Ozzfest with Jack to watch Scott pound the drums for Judas Priest. Photos will be coming!

July 17, 2004

Our last ATV trip with some KILLER photos still hangs in limbo on a memory card on my desk. My camera went AWOL and wouldn't close the lens. Dust ya think? I sent the camera to Canon in Illinois a week ago. I received a letter today regarding my camera....which, I might add broke exactly 2 weeks after the 1 year warranty.

Canon: We will be repairing your Canon S400 under your existing warranty. There is no need to respond and you will receive your camera in approximately 10 days.

Diagnosis: Error Code E18 will be repaired to restore camera function. Camera has multiple scratches from Extremely Heavy Use.

Who? Me?

June 20, 2004
Terry and I took my wife's Hummer 4-Wheeling!! Not...But guess what Terry and I did find!!!!
Read about it here

June 19, 2004
ATV Obsession, has a new Official Vehicle. Just bought today....It's a City ATV. Thanks Andy...You rule!
The Hower family, regrets to inform Terry...He'll never drive it...he might roll it.

June 10, 2004
Well do you Got ATV?

May 23, 2004
Happy Birthday Larry! Is that your gas spout, or are you just happy to see me?

May 21, 2004

Last weekend 8 of the ATV Obsession gang went from Loon Lake to Buck Island Lake, setup camp, then rode to the Rubicon Springs and back to Buck Island Lake in one day. The next day we did the Rubicon backwards, back to Loon Lake. We had an awesome time, but also some scary moments as 6 of the ATV's rolled over and one guy...Larry, drove off the trail and had to be winched back onto the road. It was a treacherous trail, but nobody was hurt.

One of the members, Dan is 60 years young and one our members is my wife. You don't see many guys out there doing this...and you certainly don't see many females rock crawling. We venture to bet the list of women that have rode an ATV frontwards and Backwards through the Rubicon is a pretty small list.

Check out the photo and video section for 124 awesome pictures! I have it setup on Slide Show mode...use the Stop/Start anytime you want.

March 27, 2004

Well, it started off as a good idea. Jack, Terry, and Larry decide to go riding without me. Rat bastards. But..as they say...Karma is a bitch.

Terry, decides "I'd rather get drunk the night before" and is a no-show. Jack and Larry bring their borrowed trailer up to Eagle Lakes (Fordyce Creek Trail). While unloading, they notice metal shavings all over the tire. Yep..the bearing blew out.

So, Jack loads his ATV onto his truck. They lock the broken trailer and Larry's ATV up at the gas station at Cisco Grove. They then drive 4 hours to Half Moon Bay, borrow a second, larger trailer and drive back 4 hours to pick up the ATV and broken trailer. On the way, they pick me up in Roseville. See it documented in the Photo Section.

You know you're a redneck when....

March 21, 2004

I ran some recon on Sunday at the exit to the Rubicon. I think it's going to be another month before the snow is at a manageable level.

It's still about 8 feet high on the left side and about a 5 ft hill to get over to get in.

March 7, 2004

Terry, Jack, Larry, Dan and Logan (Dan's son) all went riding this weekend near Arnold, Ca. Lots of mud, slush, and snow.

The ride got started around 10, instead of 9am, if Miyagi had been on time. It appears that ATV Obsession will be having our first annual fund raiser. What? A fund raiser? Yes...it seems that Terry has the town of Murphy and Arnold confused, so we'll be looking to raise $200 to buy Terry a FREAKING GPS UNIT so he can FIND the meeting place in Arnold...that's A.R.N.O.L.D., not MURPHY's.

January 29, 2004

Terry...We're buds....Right? Click here for a SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM MR. MIYAGI!




Jack explains where to put your snatch block. A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM JACK

Larry explains the finer things. A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM LARRY

Scott speaks about his attire. A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM SCOTT


Our newest ATV Obsessed guy...Dan. A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM DAN.


January 24, 2004

Last weekend, I went to the NAMM Music Convention in Anaheim. While there, my buddy Chad hooked us up with a personal tour of Monster Garage, by Alex the Garage Manager. It was a dream come true to see where it all happens. Go to the Photos page, to see the pictures. Unfortunately, I had to hold some pictures back, as they give clues to the Season Finale. Once that show airs, then I can post them. The show is going to be AWESOME!!

January 23, 2004
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!!. Did you get a snatch block?

January 23, 2004
A new page, dedicated to my friend...MR. .

January 7, 2004
I have added a new forum for people to hang out. Be nice...Have fun.

January 5, 2004

I just added new pictures and a video from New Years Week. Not much, except snow, snow, snow. It pissed down snow in Lake Tahoe from Monday (Dec 29) through Friday (Jan 2, 2004). So one night, my cousin took out his Honda Foreman and in the middle of a near blizzard, we froze our faces off to ride on the snow "streets". There was about a 8-10 inches of compacted snow on the asphalt, which made for cool doughnut action.

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